Transition in Motion

I know I write about issues the skirt with the legal field but the title of this passage is in no way related to a legal motion but rather a very personal one.  I haven’t written in awhile so I thought it might be time to check in and let you know why.  2013 was a particularly difficult year for my family as the illness and the eventual demise of an immediate, well loved, family member can often through families into a sense of turmoil and mine was no exception.  It’s not really out of the norm to reflect a little about the greater meaning of things at these particular junctures in one’s life.  A top-down examination of what’s important and what brings us joy can often be clouded with the mediocrity of routine.  Things creep into our lives that we tolerate or just assume into our daily structure that are actually counter balancing our productivity and leading us into a direction that we aren’t comfortable with any longer. Such was my case…so I decided to make a change.  A rather big one, for me.

I left my employ at T.E. Wealth where I served clients for about 9 years.  As a Vice President in a financial planning role and a Financial Divorce Consultant I had the opportunity to grow and learn through my amazing clients and the issues and challenges that they brought to me for consultation.  From that perspective, it was a very rewarding experience…but something was nagging at me, for about the past 4-5 years, if I have to be honest.  I’ve always wanted to run my own business.  So that is what I decided to do!  Yep, I gave up on the steady income and the security of being an ’employee’ and decided to take faith in my ability and knowledge and head out on my own.

Because of the changes to our existing family unit, I felt I also needed a little time to re-group.  I asked my husband if he would be supportive if I quit my job and took the summer off.  After 30 years of working on a career I felt that a few months to get my family issues in order and also to prepare the administrative ‘must’s’ that my business would need once the Fall came and my summer reprieve was over.  So here I sit, August 31st, and I’ve come along way.  I have the Financial Divorce Specialist part of my business up and in full swing.  I even have clients!  The other part of my business will focus on Family Mediation.  I have obtained the diploma from York University and now I’m working on an Internship.  The Ontario Association of Family Mediators says you have to have 5 solved cases and 100 hours of experience to be an “Accredited Family Mediator” and that is what I am doing now.  My goal is to have this accomplished and to be able to take on clients (I can have clients now but I want the Accreditation to get some practical experience) by January 2015.  

As such, the focus of my blog will change slightly.  Oh! I intend to continue to write about financial planning issues and considerations but I will also be increasing my writing to include more thoughts on the divorce process and considerations in this field.

Also, I’ll be writing more so stay tuned!

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