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Separation? Step One. Process Options.

Most people think they have to get a good lawyer and fight for their rights.  Some even go as far as to believe that the more they fight, the better the outcome.  Sadly, this is not always true.  It is typically just the opposite.  If you are separating, step one should be understanding...


Would you be a good family mediation client?

Couple arms crossed Would you be a good family mediation client? I always say that any conflict can be resolved in mediation. The personalities of the client can, sometimes, make the job of the Mediator more difficult.  That's where the skill set of the Mediator and process delivery...

The Role of a Mediator – Is Mediation Right for YOU?

Clients often choose mediation as their preferred method for resolution, for several reasons, but they often don't know the answer to this question - What is the role of a Mediator?  Others understand the role but they are so desperate for an outcome that they feel that their Mediator is 'all knowing' and client's try...

Mediation Online Considerations

Online mediation is often considered for searches through the Internet.  Divorcing couples have very different reasons for wanting an online approach to resolve their family matters.


Perhaps, couples are too geographically distant to enable a meeting to take place.  Some people are not only cities apart but also oceans apart which makes traditional mediation difficult and...

The Undivorce – Separating To Stay Together

I call this trend the "undivorce" as it seems that couples are coming to mediation to save their relationships rather than unwind them.  'Fresh start' are often the words used to describe the couples' intention.  With a parenting plan in place and their financial world separated, spouses can rework a new path to intimacy, respect...

Wrong Divorce Process

Ever feel that you, or someone you know, has chosen the wrong divorce process?  I see it all the time.  Some folks go to lawyers who they feel will 'fight' for them when the could have sat down with their soon-to-be-Ex and a mediator and worked out their agreement themselves.  Or some people go to mediation but...

How To Argue Effectively in Mediation Negotiations

Divorcing people are, typically, under a lot of stress and sometimes they forget how to argue effectively during their mediation negotiations.  Stressful situations often bring out the worst in people.  Remember, however, that in mediation you are trying to work out a reasonable deal with your soon-to-be-Ex.  Is that person likely to give you any...

In Mediation Should You Drop Your Pearls?

mediation is different, just like every family is different.  Different personalities and different ways of perceiving solutions to problems bring different results.  And with all that differing should mediators drop their pearls of wisdom and share past experiences? Let's face it, we all see solutions to problems based on our past experiences.  Mediators are no different. ...

Mediation in a Pluralistic Society

broken-1739131_640 "Mediation in a Pluralistic Society" was the vibrant topic that graced the walls of the third floor of The Law Society of Upper Canada this afternoon. The room was packed with Dispute Resolution Professionals. Most, of course, were Mediators but there were also many Family Law Lawyers,...

The Cost of Divorce? What to Consider.

cost-1174922_640The Cost of Divorce - The Money Cost

When divorcees think about the cost of divorce they often think about the money cost.  Typically, the first thing that comes to mind is how much their lawyer is going to bill them.  Fear of the unknown legal sum...