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Separation? Step One. Process Options.

Most people think they have to get a good lawyer and fight for their rights.  Some even go as far as to believe that the more they fight, the better the outcome.  Sadly, this is not always true.  It is typically just the opposite.  If you are separating, step one should be understanding...


Cost-Effective Separation and Divorce

A cost-effective separation and divorce may be top of mind for some people, lately. Being forced to co-mingle with your spouse during COVID lock-down may have made those daunting thoughts of 'being over' all that much more apparent. Perhaps, not having many options for escape may have strengthened your resolve to...


Eligible Dependent Credit

Are you eligible to claim the Eligible Dependent Credit on your Canadian taxes? For separating couples in Canada this can be a bit confusing to sort out, especially when you are in the transition stage of negotiating your Separation Agreement. While there tend to be a lot of grey areas CRA...


How Long Will It Take?


"How Long Will It Take?"

"How long will it take?" followed by "How much will it cost?" are, often, the two first questions people ask when they have committed to getting a divorce.  As I am not a lawyer, I'll address the answer to this question as a...

Collaborative Team Models

Collaborative Team Models differ, according to Gary Direnfeld,  as collaborative practice moves along a continuum from unidisciplinary to transdisciplinary collaborative team models. (See article here http://www.yoursocialworker.com/s-articles/collaborative_team_models.htm ).   But before we look at the models, I think it's important to understand how we got there. When collaborative practice first surfaced in Toronto and the GTA around the turn of...

Divorce: Financial Disclosure Requirements

Picture By Kathryn Jankowski, B.A., CFP, FDS, FCSI Chances are, if you are reading this post, you, or a close friend or relative, is going through the divorce process. Overwhelming ranges of emotions and lack of clarity may be prevalent but add to this the need for...

Re-marriage? Co-habitation? Really?

Don't you remember saying, "Never again!"?. Re-marriage is something we don't think about while going through the divorce process nor is it something we think immediately afterwards either. Coming to terms with our solitude and finally embracing our independence are often long-haul transitions. Who wants to feel like they're going back to...