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Online Mediation during COVID-19

While most family professionals are trying to ramp up their knowledge of how to work digitally, Financial Divorce Services & Family Mediation has been working with online mediations for years. Back in 2015, I completed an online mediation course which detailed how online mediation was different from in-person mmore

The Undivorce – Separating To Stay Together

I call this trend the "undivorce" as it seems that couples are coming to mediation to save their relationships rather than unwind them.  'Fresh start' are often the words used to describe the couples' intention.  With a parenting plan in place and their financial world separated, spouses can rework a new path to intimacy, respect...

Mediation in a Pluralistic Society

broken-1739131_640 "Mediation in a Pluralistic Society" was the vibrant topic that graced the walls of the third floor of The Law Society of Upper Canada this afternoon. The room was packed with Dispute Resolution Professionals. Most, of course, were Mediators but there were also many Family Law Lawyers,...

What About the Furniture?

settee-147701__180So, what about the furniture?  Clients will often ask how to deal with the furniture when they divorcing.  Sometimes the physical items also include things like tools, music and camera equipment.  How are these things to be valued and split in a reasonable fashion? There are a few options available to couples when it...

Why Choose Mediation?

Why would you want to choose mediation to resolve your marriage? Some people are unaware of the different process choices that are available to them once they decide to end their marriage. That's no surprise, unless they've had to face this difficult life transition before, right? And yet, when I speak to some...