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Would you be a good family mediation client?

Couple arms crossed Would you be a good family mediation client? I always say that any conflict can be resolved in mediation. The personalities of the client can, sometimes, make the job of the Mediator more difficult.  That's where the skill set of the Mediator and process delivery...

The Role of a Mediator – Is Mediation Right for YOU?

Clients often choose mediation as their preferred method for resolution, for several reasons, but they often don't know the answer to this question - What is the role of a Mediator?  Others understand the role but they are so desperate for an outcome that they feel that their Mediator is 'all knowing' and client's try...

Mediation Online Considerations

Online mediation is often considered for searches through the Internet.  Divorcing couples have very different reasons for wanting an online approach to resolve their family matters.


Perhaps, couples are too geographically distant to enable a meeting to take place.  Some people are not only cities apart but also oceans apart which makes traditional mediation difficult and...

How To Argue Effectively in Mediation Negotiations

Divorcing people are, typically, under a lot of stress and sometimes they forget how to argue effectively during their mediation negotiations.  Stressful situations often bring out the worst in people.  Remember, however, that in mediation you are trying to work out a reasonable deal with your soon-to-be-Ex.  Is that person likely to give you any...

The Cost of Divorce? What to Consider.

cost-1174922_640The Cost of Divorce - The Money Cost

When divorcees think about the cost of divorce they often think about the money cost.  Typically, the first thing that comes to mind is how much their lawyer is going to bill them.  Fear of the unknown legal sum...

How Long Will It Take?


"How Long Will It Take?"

"How long will it take?" followed by "How much will it cost?" are, often, the two first questions people ask when they have committed to getting a divorce.  As I am not a lawyer, I'll address the answer to this question as a...

Early Neutral Consultations, Navigating Your Divorce

Navigating your divorce can be painstaking, especially when you are expected to understand the way things work from a legal requirement perspective. If you've never been divorced before why should you know, right? Early Neutral Consultations help divorcees understand the road map and can have many beneficial effects from process choice, asset distribution and...

Divorce ~ As Seen on TV

Divorce, as seen on TV, gives rise to conflict to create drama. It keeps the watcher engaged, right? However, that's what some people think it's really like. Conflict, threats, drama and the legal team taking hold of your family matters and running amok with your potential future choices; that's the perception. I've had a number...

Is Your Spousal Support Secure?

MarianGage By Marian Gage Family Law Lawyer, Accredited Family Mediator I just read Dagg et al. v. Cameron Estate [2015] ONSC 2597. This case doesn’t change anything. There is no new interpretation of any law here. Still, it highlights the law that we need to know as it relates...