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Separation? Step One. Process Options.

Most people think they have to get a good lawyer and fight for their rights.  Some even go as far as to believe that the more they fight, the better the outcome.  Sadly, this is not always true.  It is typically just the opposite.  If you are separating, step one should be understanding...


Estate Planning, Separation & Divorce

By Guest Blogger - Dorisa Nachla, B.A., LL.B., Barrister & Solicitor, Notary Public

When you have signed your Separation Agreement, you will no doubt feel like there is a great weight lifted off your shoulders. The last think you want to think about is adding new legal items to your “To Do” list....


Online Mediation during COVID-19

While most family professionals are trying to ramp up their knowledge of how to work digitally, Financial Divorce Services & Family Mediation has been working with online mediations for years. Back in 2015, I completed an online mediation course which detailed how online mediation was different from in-person mmore

Eligible Dependent Credit

Are you eligible to claim the Eligible Dependent Credit on your Canadian taxes? For separating couples in Canada this can be a bit confusing to sort out, especially when you are in the transition stage of negotiating your Separation Agreement. While there tend to be a lot of grey areas CRA...


How Much Does It Cost?

"How much does it cost?" is, typically, the number one question potential mediation clients ask me.  The second is "How long will it take?"  It depends.  That's always the answer, right?  There are many different ways to go through the divorce process.  As a mediator, I'm going to talk about mediation, for the most part.



The Role of a Mediator – Is Mediation Right for YOU?

Clients often choose mediation as their preferred method for resolution, for several reasons, but they often don't know the answer to this question - What is the role of a Mediator?  Others understand the role but they are so desperate for an outcome that they feel that their Mediator is 'all knowing' and client's try...

What’s A House Worth in a Divorce Scenario????

What's a house worth in a divorce scenario? Because the family home is, typically, the biggest asset a couple acquires during their marriage a lot of consideration goes into how to value it. The answer, not surprisingly, is that it depends. If the intention is to sell the house then the value is based on...

The Undivorce – Separating To Stay Together

I call this trend the "undivorce" as it seems that couples are coming to mediation to save their relationships rather than unwind them.  'Fresh start' are often the words used to describe the couples' intention.  With a parenting plan in place and their financial world separated, spouses can rework a new path to intimacy, respect...

Financial Disclosure: Divorce For Less

Everybody wants to divorce for less.  Less of a cost, that is.  But there is a fine balance between a job well done and getting what you pay for.  Most people I talk to want it all, the information, the guidance around their rights and obligations and all their disclosure documents tied up in a...