Kathryn Jankowski, B.A, CFP, CFDS, FMA, AccFM

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist and Accredited Family Mediator

Defining herself as a forward-looking individual, powered by determination and flexibility, Kathryn Jankowski believes in pushing through limitations and adversity to accomplish what’s best for her those around her.  She loves a challenge, especially if it involves changing the status quo.  Innovation is what drives her and allows her to search for new opportunities.  These key qualities allow Kathryn Jankowski to create settlement options that are “out-of-the-box” and which work for the families she serves.

Kathryn Jankowski is an accredited Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS), Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Financial Management Advisor (FMA), Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM) and a Collaboratively trained Financial Professional with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry and over 12 years experience working as a divorce professional.  Motivated by a passion to help others, she combines her financial expertise with her first-hand experience of divorce to offer clear, objective and personalized guidance during what is often a stressful and complicated process.

Here’s how Kathryn helps clients ensure solid financial footing, now and in the future:

Understanding Your Finances

Whether your intention is to have Kathryn prepare your financial disclosure documents, to save on legal fees, or to have her analyse your financial offer from your spouses’ lawyer, Kathryn can help you to understand the legalese and make the financial numbers make sense in a simple manner.  Kathryn often describes herself as a translator between what the legal team is looking for in terms of required information and what the clients want.

Kathryn demystifies the complexities of the financial divorce world. Understanding your legal entitlement is just the first step in unravelling your financial affairs. Dividing your net family property doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get half of everything – for example, you may want to give up some of your retirement assets in order to “buy” your spouse’s equity in the family home. But can you afford to keep the home, and when can you afford to retire?  What is important to you in the first few years after your transition?  Is it a place to live?  Is it to keep your pension plan?

Making Financial Choices Simple

Kathryn can help you project your retirement assets, as well as calculate your children’s education costs and budget for your new life – including your dreams and aspirations such as that big retirement party or, perhaps, the family vacation.

As your lawyer’s work through the legal aspects of your divorce, Kathryn works on ensuring you understand the future consequences of your financial decisions.   Family law lawyers look at the Net Family Property statements and they attempt to reach a balanced agreement.  Kathryn takes that a step further as she projects how your financial future will look with your ‘half’.

Collaborative Divorce Process   Trained in collaborative divorce, Kathryn is the financial neutral who can work with both spouses and support legal professionals with financial information such as creating the legal financial disclosure documents.  Being a neutral allows Kathryn to work for both spouses which, typically, saves money by creating joint, mirrored, disclosure documents.  She can also help take the proposed financial settlement a step further than the legal process allows. Showing clients how their ‘half’ supports lifestyle choices and maintenance of  financial goals can instill confidence in client’s when they sign their separation agreement.  It also can save clients making costly mistakes which may further erode their financial well-being.  As such,  Kathryn’s years of experience allow her to provide information that the legal experts are searching for as well as providing information that is paramount to the clients’ ability to make their financial decisions.  Kathryn is also entrusted with the role of Chair of the Peel Halton Collaborative Group, by divorce professionals her region.

Mediation  Kathryn is an accredited family mediator.  As such, she is often called upon to mediate a financial agreement between spouses.  She can also be brought into a mediated divorce platform to offer support to the divorcees and the mediator, as well as enhance the couple’s understanding of their financial picture.

Litigation Kathryn’s financial forecasts help people understand the ramifications of divorce negotiations. Understanding that sometimes anger, guilt and resentment foster the fuel to fight, Kathryn is able to provide clarity through the emotional stages of divorce. As a financial sounding board for clients financial options, Kathryn can work out settlement choices such as taking a lump sum settlement or periodic (monthly) payments and help clients to understand how each scenario pays out in their financial future.

For a list of services, please click here http://www.financialdivorceservices.com/resources/

Personal Kathryn’s hobbies include playing squash, competitively, across the GTA.  She is also an avid hiker having completed the W Trek in Patagonia, the Inka Trail as well as hikes throughout Norway, Sweden, Croatia, the Azores, Switzerland, Germany and Poland, just to name a few.  She is also a harp student and a vivacious knitter.  Kathryn experienced her own divorce but she has remarried and has grown children.

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