Family Mediation Services, Working Towards Your Cost-Effective Separation Agreement

If you are working towards your separation agreement and you think that you and your spouse could work things out together, but talks frequently break down, consider family mediation services. With a fully trained mediator in the room to facilitate the discussion, you can focus on resolving outstanding issues.

Your Mediator is your guide. Mediators do not make decisions on your behalf; they help you and your spouse navigate difficult conversations in order to find solutions. A Mediator can make negotiations smoother by ensuring that each spouse’s wishes and concerns are heard.  Not only that but a mediator is a ‘translator’ between your wishes and what the legal system needs, in terms of documentation, to form your separation agreement.

Why use a Mediator?

Most people explore mediation to negotiate the necessary terms of a separation agreement.  There are two major reasons why.  One, is that it is cost-effective.  Mediation often costs a fraction of what the litigation process costs and often with a better result.  The second reason is that these people are still able to talk.  They may not often agree but putting emphasis on resolution instead of conflict is a more desired outcome.  This is often the case because children are involved.  Co-parenting through conflict is difficult.  Co-parenting through the mediation process, which is resolution focused, is much easier.

Often, anger compels divorcing people to go to court. However, having your day in court comes with a cost far beyond the financial. Asking a judge, who is a stranger to your family, to make decisions that will affect your children and your ability to provide for your own future is not, typically, the best route. Only you and your spouse understand your family dynamics and your children’s needs. Only you know your future hopes and dreams, so why let a stranger decide issues that will affect your financial future?  Take charge of your own terms in your separation agreement.

At any point during the divorce process, communication between spouses can break down. A Mediator helps to facilitate productive conversations and ensure that each person’s interests are not only heard but considered. It helps to have both parties in the same room, but if that isn’t an option, mediation is still possible through other forms of communication.

How much does it cost?
Mediation costs vary depending on the complexity of the issues that need to be resolved. Please contact us to discuss your unique situation. Please consider, as well, that most people come to mediation to curtail the emotional costs of the divorce process and because it is often much less costly than traditional negotiation options.  Couples who work with a Mediator typically want to minimize the impact on other family members, including young or adult children. Coming to resolutions through respectful conversations allows both spouses to avoid damaging these other relationships and helps to form a long-lasting separation agreement.

What is the process?

    1. Initial consultation: Meeting with you and your spouse to ensure mediation is the right process for your family. Engagement Letter and Intake Forms are provided for the next meeting. Documents to consider in anticipation of mediation are located here.
    2. Individual consultation: Each spouse has an opportunity to talk to the Mediator about the issues that have brought negotiations to an impasse.
    3. Mediation: The spouses return to the mediation together to negotiate towards a separation agreement. The number of times mediation occurs is based on an individual case basis.
    4. Memorandum of Understanding: Each spouse is given a Memorandum of Understanding which is the basis of creating a legal Separation Agreement.

Payment: For your convenience we accept cheques, electronic payments and Visa.

Do you have questions about family mediation services? Contact us today.



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