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The Child of Divorce

During divorce, adults often have such a hard time understanding our own emotions that it's difficult to project how decisions might be affecting our children.  When I meet with divorcing clients I always ask how the children are faring.  Almost everyone says they are handling the divorce well.  I never believe them.  Not really.  My...

Financial Abuse ~ The Marital “Kind”

Financial abuse is rarely noticed and I've been hearing a lot about financial abuse lately.  Friends are relating stories of how their friends have been financially abused for years and no one knew.  The fact is that sometimes the victim isn't aware what is what is happening to them. They don't tend to label what...

Widowed or Divorced?

Whether you are recently widowed or whether you have experienced a separation or divorce the financial issues don't go away. Actually, for those who have left the daunting financial task to their spouse it can be a tremendous chore to understand your financial picture without them. I've always insisted that both spouses attend my annual...

“Plan B”

IMG_0291 Do you have a "Plan B"?  All Financial Planners have to make some assumptions when forecasting a person's financial future, like the rate of inflation, rate of return and expenses in retirement.  But like most well-laid plans, life is sure to throw you curve-balls.  Then what?...

Transition in Motion

I know I write about issues the skirt with the legal field but the title of this passage is in no way related to a legal motion but rather a very personal one.  I haven't written in awhile so I thought it might be time to check in and let you know why.  2013 was...


Marriage: Two or More?

This link relates to my last post but it also involves Family Law Lawyer, Marian Gage comments so I thought to re-post it here for your perusal. http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/blogs/pay-day-/financial-planning-second-marriage-182821020.html...

Custody: The Empty Battle

I have a guest blogger today. Paul Steckley is a family law lawyer in Mississauga and in this blog he discusses considerations when attempting to resolve issues regarding custody of the children of divorce. His message is so important that I am honoured to share it with you! PaulSteckley more

Divorce: Financial Disclosure Requirements

Picture By Kathryn Jankowski, B.A., CFP, FDS, FCSI Chances are, if you are reading this post, you, or a close friend or relative, is going through the divorce process. Overwhelming ranges of emotions and lack of clarity may be prevalent but add to this the need for...