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Marriage: Two or More?

This link relates to my last post but it also involves Family Law Lawyer, Marian Gage comments so I thought to re-post it here for your perusal. http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/blogs/pay-day-/financial-planning-second-marriage-182821020.html...

Custody: The Empty Battle

I have a guest blogger today. Paul Steckley is a family law lawyer in Mississauga and in this blog he discusses considerations when attempting to resolve issues regarding custody of the children of divorce. His message is so important that I am honoured to share it with you! PaulSteckley more

Divorce: Financial Disclosure Requirements

Picture By Kathryn Jankowski, B.A., CFP, FDS, FCSI Chances are, if you are reading this post, you, or a close friend or relative, is going through the divorce process. Overwhelming ranges of emotions and lack of clarity may be prevalent but add to this the need for...

Financial Year-End Considerations

In just a few short weeks the dial turns to 2014.  Are you prepared, financially? There may be some things to consider fitting into your holiday schedule.

1)  'Tis the season for charities to surface in abundance.  If you haven't made all your intended charitable donations you might want to do so before the December 31st...


Divorce: Positioning versus Interests

People who are going through a separation and subsequent divorce often dig their heels in based on the positions they take. Wife says, "I want to keep the house". Husband says, "I can't afford to help you keep the house."...and thus the anger entrenches, the logic becomes clouded by emotion and the mind...

Child Custody

There are so many misconceptions regarding child custody in divorce cases. The first of which is the access to the child. If you have sole custody it doesn't mean that you have the child all the time. When negotiating your divorce settlement there are three things to consider, (if you have children),...