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The Cost of Divorce? What to Consider.

cost-1174922_640The Cost of Divorce - The Money Cost

When divorcees think about the cost of divorce they often think about the money cost.  Typically, the first thing that comes to mind is how much their lawyer is going to bill them.  Fear of the unknown legal sum...

Imaginable Divorce Solutions

  bulb-40701_640Imaginable divorce solutions create unique families situations.  Family law is created from precedence and the law gives us guidance as to how to resolve the family transition of a separating couple.  Even though everyone's family is different there are certain guidelines that clients are 'boxed' into when they are...

What About the Furniture?

settee-147701__180So, what about the furniture?  Clients will often ask how to deal with the furniture when they divorcing.  Sometimes the physical items also include things like tools, music and camera equipment.  How are these things to be valued and split in a reasonable fashion? There are a few options available to couples when it...

How Long Will It Take?


"How Long Will It Take?"

"How long will it take?" followed by "How much will it cost?" are, often, the two first questions people ask when they have committed to getting a divorce.  As I am not a lawyer, I'll address the answer to this question as a...

Communicating By Divorce Email

Email Pix The advantages and disadvantages of communicating by email when divorcing should be considered. We often try to minimize conflict or simply don't want to deal with it. So sometimes it's easier to send a divorce email and not have to deal with the reaction of your...

Beyond Finances in Divorce

Picture Is It Really About the Money? Money, money money.  Money makes the world go 'round but often when couples fight about money the conflict isn’t actually about money at all. Money provokes all kinds of emotions including fear, greed and the need for power, just to name a...

Dollar Division in Divorce

stock-photo-41798686-heart-shaped-hundred-dollar-bills When it comes to the division of dollars in divorce it's important to understand that not assets measure up, dollar for dollar. Often times, one spouse will want to keep more of one asset and swap out another. One spouse may want to keep the matrimonial home...

Divorced? About to Be? There’s an App for That!

If you are divorced, and have kids to plan for, there may be an app for that. Seems there's an app for almost everything these days. If you're recently divorced, or about to be, there are many options to help parents to co-parent without even having to talk much. These apps or...