Divorced? About to Be? There’s an App for That!

If you are divorced, and have kids to plan for, there may be an app for that. Seems there’s an app for almost everything these days. If you’re recently divorced, or about to be, there are many options to help parents to co-parent without even having to talk much.

These apps or web-based calendars are much more than just time trackers. Some even help parents currently going through this family transition understand the needs of the children depending on their age and suggest considerations in creating a parenting plan. Sometimes there are additional costs, over and above any child support due, which parents will share on either a 50/50 basis or pro-rated, according to income (depending what is agreed to in their separation agreement). These items can be tracked in these apps as well. The idea here is to mitigate conflict. If one parent pays for an extra-curricular activity at the school and has to ask the other parent for funds it can be an uncomfortable situation. But with these app systems in place the paying parent can list the expenses and what they were for right in the calendar and the other parent knows exactly what was spent and on what. Seems there is less reluctance to pay if the cost is understood and the payer doesn’t have to feel like they are in a position to have to validate their decision to spend.

In an effort to even further reduce conflict scheduled change requests can be voiced through these app systems as well as third party interests to visitation. After all, just because the parents are divorced it doesn’t mean that the child(ren) shouldn’t have access to visit their adoring grandmother, right? Doctor’s appointments can be noted right along side of soccer games and birthday parties. What’s more is that medications and school information can be shared this way too.

I’ve scouted out some options such as Hub Family Organizer and 2houses which I found on my iPhone. I also had a look at some web-based options such as www.custodyxchange.com and https://www.ourfamilywizard.com/. I haven’t used any of these solutions so I can’t advocate that one is more superior to the other but I can see how they might be able to keep kids out of the middle and allow parents, and thus families, to function better.

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