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Kathryn Jankowski is an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and an Accredited Family Mediator (OAFM) with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Motivated by a passion to help others, she combines her financial expertise with her first-hand experience of divorce to offer clear, objective and personalized guidance during what is often a stressful and complicated process.

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The Secret of How to Negotiate the Waves of the Stock Market

Many people are already doing this, either directly or indirectly.  Maybe they're doing it but they don't know they're doing it.  The secret of how to take the nervousness out of investing is to make the conscious decision to allocate your investments in a strategic fashion. 

For example, I'm a Balanced investor.  What...

Teaching Kids About Money ~ I’m not kidding!!!

It's interesting that I have been hearing a lot about how to teach kids about money.  I know that when I counsel couples about budgeting I usually begin with how they think about money and what it means to them.  Most of the psychological issues with money stem from our up-bringing.  Typically, one person in...

Does September mean turning over a new leaf?

As autumn approaches and we all have a renewed spirit of digging in our heels and approaching daunting tasks that we put off during the summer months we may also be thinking of the financial drain, if we are paying, or helping to pay, our children's tuition fees.  These expenditures can really help with the...

Divorce? Remarriage?

Remarriage? Who wants to think about the legalities of anything past signing the new marriage certificate when you are getting married again?  For most, remarriage is a significant turning point of a renewed beginning with all the hopes and dreams that most of us lost during divorce or widowhood, hopefully, with the lessoned learnt from the...

The Collaborative Movement in the GTA

Collaborative divorce sounds like a juxtaposition of terms but this divorce process can save lives!  OK, that may sound a little dramatic but, in reality, it is the quality of life going forward, especially for children.  There are many different divorce processes which I have explained in an early blog so I won't g through the...

Spousal Loans ~ Potentially saving Thousands!!!

I saved a client over $23,000 a year employing this strategy, a YEAR, in taxes!!!!!

OK, so....this is how it works.  You have to be married.  Your spouse has to be unemployed or have a big variance in income to employ this strategy.  It's a form of income splitting that is a way to...

Managing Debt ~ The mortgage difference.

The least expensive way to borrow money, if you own a home, is through your mortgage.  When your mortgage term is up you may want to look at some of the higher interest rate debt and lump it in with your mortgage.  With the amorization spread out over a longer period of time this would...

Tax-Effective Investing

Not all investments are created equal.  Some investments promise rates of return by the issuer (of the debt) and some have the promise of potential lofty returns (equities or stocks) but neither are they treated the same way by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  Marginal tax rates in Ontario dictate that income, dividends and capital gains...

Ruling assets from the grave?????

We work hard all of our lives to create wealth and procure materialistic objects of either need or desire but when is it time to divest of our live's work and worldly possessions?  What happens if something happens to you tomorrow?  Is your Will up-to-date?  What about your Powers of Attorney and Living Wills?

Understanding your pension plan….

If you are fortunate enough to have a pension you still have to understand how the stream of income works at retirement.  There are two basic pension plans, defined contribution pension plan (sometimes referred to as a money purchase pension plan) and a defined benefit pension plan. 

A defined benefit pension plan provides...

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