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Kathryn Jankowski is an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and an Accredited Family Mediator (OAFM) with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Motivated by a passion to help others, she combines her financial expertise with her first-hand experience of divorce to offer clear, objective and personalized guidance during what is often a stressful and complicated process.

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Investment Fees DO Matter!

It's always interesting to see the faces of the people I counsel when I tell them how much they are paying for investment solutions for their portfolio.  Let's look at a $500,000 account made up of a  mix of mutual funds with an average MER of about 2%.   That's $10,000 a year in investment...

Divorcing in the collaborative spirit

Ok, this may seem like a little self promotion considering I 'do' the admin for this blog site I'm providing the link to ...but the content is not so self-serving.  Joelle Adelson, family law lawyer, writes about the Participation Agreement in the collaborative law process.  For those contemplating the split it's good to be aware...

Financial Planners are not all the same so what questions should you be asking?

Five must ask questions for your financial planner are:
  1. What qualifications do you have?  There are so many financial designations someone in the financial arena can have on their business card.  What is important is understanding how each advisers accreditation's distinguishes their financial knowledge and which ones you should be seeking.   If its investment advice you are seeking you may...

Financial Divorce and Re-Marriage

Seems interesting that the subject about re-marriage has been top-of-mind this week.  Perhaps my recent article in Bank Rate and an interesting lunch with family law lawyer, Jeff Rechtshaffen, helped to pave the way. Jeff and I spoke about remarriage and he re-directed me to an article on his web site.  I thought to share it with...

Not All Credit Cards Carry the Same Credit-Worthiness

I was pretty excited to see that I accumulated $1,800 in travel dollars on my visa card only to find out I'd been had!  Well, maybe....

Sometimes we just accept status quo for awhile thinking we have the best financial products available or maybe we tend to give our local bank all of our...

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