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Kathryn Jankowski is an accredited Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and an Accredited Family Mediator (OAFM) with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Motivated by a passion to help others, she combines her financial expertise with her first-hand experience of divorce to offer clear, objective and personalized guidance during what is often a stressful and complicated process.

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Eligible Dependent Credit

Are you eligible to claim the Eligible Dependent Credit on your Canadian taxes? For separating couples in Canada this can be a bit confusing to sort out, especially when you are in the transition stage of negotiating your Separation Agreement. While there tend to be a lot of grey areas CRA...


How Much Does It Cost?

"How much does it cost?" is, typically, the number one question potential mediation clients ask me.  The second is "How long will it take?"  It depends.  That's always the answer, right?  There are many different ways to go through the divorce process.  As a mediator, I'm going to talk about mediation, for the most part.



Would you be a good family mediation client?

Couple arms crossed Would you be a good family mediation client? I always say that any conflict can be resolved in mediation. The personalities of the client can, sometimes, make the job of the Mediator more difficult.  That's where the skill set of the Mediator and process delivery...

The Role of a Mediator – Is Mediation Right for YOU?

Clients often choose mediation as their preferred method for resolution, for several reasons, but they often don't know the answer to this question - What is the role of a Mediator?  Others understand the role but they are so desperate for an outcome that they feel that their Mediator is 'all knowing' and client's try...

Married or Not Married?

Does it matter if “I do?” What if “I don’t?”

By Marian Gage The Angus Reid Institute recently published a poll indicating more than half of the respondents feel that being married is not important to them. Younger Canadians are waiting longer to get married, or they are not getting married at all. The same poll indicates that most Canadians...

What’s A House Worth in a Divorce Scenario????

What's a house worth in a divorce scenario? Because the family home is, typically, the biggest asset a couple acquires during their marriage a lot of consideration goes into how to value it. The answer, not surprisingly, is that it depends. If the intention is to sell the house then the value is based on...

CFDS or CFDA? What’s the difference?

If you are thinking to work with a CFDS (Certified Financial Divorce Specialist) or a CFDA (Certified Financial Divorce Analyst) to help you navigate through the financial part of your separation negotiations ensure you do your research. As both accreditations sugggest the same type service you might be thinking they are the same thing....

Mediation Online Considerations

Online mediation is often considered for searches through the Internet.  Divorcing couples have very different reasons for wanting an online approach to resolve their family matters.


Perhaps, couples are too geographically distant to enable a meeting to take place.  Some people are not only cities apart but also oceans apart which makes traditional mediation difficult and...

The Undivorce – Separating To Stay Together

I call this trend the "undivorce" as it seems that couples are coming to mediation to save their relationships rather than unwind them.  'Fresh start' are often the words used to describe the couples' intention.  With a parenting plan in place and their financial world separated, spouses can rework a new path to intimacy, respect...

Mobility Issues and Divorce

When negotiating divorce, mobility issues are discussed if children are involved.  Mobility refers to the distance the parents agree that they can live apart, on a particular point on the map, for the parenting plan to work.  Often, it's the child's school or the centre of town.  It's whatever map point that seems reasonable, at...

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