Imaginable Divorce Solutions


bulb-40701_640Imaginable divorce solutions create unique families situations.  Family law is created from precedence and the law gives us guidance as to how to resolve the family transition of a separating couple.  Even though everyone’s family is different there are certain guidelines that clients are ‘boxed’ into when they are led down the path of divorce by their professionals.  Despite the need to work within pre-set parameters, however, it doesn’t curtail clients from “thinking outside the box”.

What to Consider?

Seasoned professionals may suggest potential solutions when discussing your necessary family decisions.  They take these ideas from clients who have resolved similar needs to resolve similar issues.  Remember, no one can make decisions for your family (apart from an arbitrator or a judge) and these professional suggestions are, simply, suggestions to consider.

Sometimes, one solution fits for one family but it doesn’t fit for another family with similar circumstances.   Clients values and beliefs shift these paradigms creating totally different outcomes.  As a result, it’s important to note that while the professionals who are helping you to solve the segregation of living space and your parenting plan, it’s really up to you to come up with ingenious ideas of how to get it right for your family.  Don’t be afraid to suggest solutions that are “outside the box” and that are right for your family and your individual needs, wants and desires.

I, recently, came across this IKEA ad, which supports the idea of imaginable divorce solutions that might be available to your and your family or your friend’s or co-workers family.  Despite the differences these parents have faced, this divorcing couple communicated and planned a great deal to come up with and idea to make their son feel like he was at home and loved equally by both parents.  If you are looking for solutions to your family conflict, don’t forget to explore the imaginable divorce solutions.


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