Early Neutral Consultations, Navigating Your Divorce

Navigating your divorce can be painstaking, especially when you are expected to understand the way things work from a legal requirement perspective. If you’ve never been divorced before why should you know, right? Early Neutral Consultations help divorcees understand the road map and can have many beneficial effects from process choice, asset distribution and the parenting plan.

Determining which divorce process to adopt can have large effects on the family’s ability to function long after the ink on the separation agreement is dry. Families that are able to talk out their differences who adopt a litigious approach may find that some battle scars are still left years after the negotiations are done. Others need more of an advocate at the negotiation table and may take a less structured approach and find they resent the decisions they made when negotiating their settlement. For more about process options see my blog, here. http://www.financialdivorceservices.com/adr/how-to-divorce/

Financial issues rest not only with your family cash flow but also with your family property and how you are planning on dividing it up. Most of us have seen those pictures of a car cut in half but in reality you don’t have to divide every asset. You can ‘trade’ assets, if you like. Your lawyer can tell you what is rightfully yours from a family law perspective but most couples want to resolve their negotiations by trying to figure out what they deem as a fair and equitable settlement outside of the family law directive. That’s ok, you can do that, but it’s still your lawyers job to let you know that you are giving away something in which you have legal entitlement.

If you have children then you need a parenting plan as well. Who is going to see the children and when, how vacations and holidays will be spent and how post-secondary education will be paid all needs to be sorted out.

In the end there is so much to know about how the family law ‘system’ that couples have been seeking an information session to help them navigate through some of the facts. Once they have this knowledge they can decide which process to adopt and which process best fits their family needs. Couples can also begin to think about some of the other substantive issues such as the division of property and the parenting plan well ahead of their first meeting with their legal representatives.

These sessions are referred to as Early Neutral Consultations (ENCs). The one and a half hour session is with both parties (preferably) and it is a neutral information session providing the road-map to the divorce world. Clients walk away enlightened and they have tools available to them to begin some constructive decision making and, hopefully, the ability to generate some resolution options that work for their family.

If you want more information about the Early Neutral Consultation sessions please visit my website, here href=”http://www.financialdivorceservices.com/early-neutral-consultation/”>Early Neutral Consultation

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